An Exhibition of Works That Are Transmitted, Not Transported

PART ONE: Bemis Center for Contemporary Art
January 13 - February 11, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, January 13 - 6:00-9:00pm

PART TWO: Drift Station
February 3-27, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, February 3 - 7:00-10:00pm

Possible Press (Trevor and Rachel Reese), Sophia Brueckner, Alex Myers, Damien Catera, Anika Schwarzlose & Jonas Lund, Gregory Chatonsky, Constant Dullaart, Eilis McDonald, Evan Roth, Dave Beattie, Matt Kenyon, Marius Watz, Maximillian Goldfarb, Michelle Nagai, and Aram Barthol

Transceiver is an exhibition of works are sent entirely by non-traditional means. Artists from across the US and abroad have been asked to send work via chat, Skype, email, FTP, streaming audio, radio, Twitter, telegram, and Bluetooth. These works, many of which integrate their means of transmission into their structure and content, suggest a non-geographically-centered model. Instead, they suggest the potential for curators and institutions operating within modest budgets and regional locations to mount expansive international shows that challenge traditional structures of what an exhibition and gallery can be.

Transceiver marks the first installment in an open series of exhibitions in the Bemis Underground that highlight regional artist-run spaces and curatorial projects. Sitting at the forefront of creative placemaking, artist-run spaces and initiatives have played a large hand in re-purposing countless spaces and neighborhoods around the world.

Transceiver will continue at Drift Station, featuring a low-power FM radio station that will operate through the month of February, as well as live projections from webcams around the world. Bring a radio to customize your experience!

These webcams will be screened live at the February 3 opening at Drift Station, but feel free to curate your own selection from this list:

+ Fog City Dog Daycare
+ Panos Restaurant in Buffalo, New York
+ Japanese Barber Shop
+ Towaco Temple
+ Ellicot Diner at the University of Maryland
+ International Space Station
+ Skatelab Indoor Skatepark
+ Million-Gallon Tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
+ Live Wedding in Las Vegas
+ Los Angeles Quake Cam
+ Unidentified Diner
+ Hallway
+ Live Wedding in Las Vegas (reprieve)
+ Bubble Cam (interactive)
+ Panos Restaurant in Buffalo, New York (reprieve)
+ Northern Lights in Yellowknife, Canada
+ Fog City Dog Daycare (reprieve)
+ Lighthouse
+ Traffic in Stockholm, Sweden
+ Lighthouse (reprieve)
+ Ellicot Diner at the University of Maryland (reprieve)
+ St Giles Street at Oxford University
+ Unidentified Aerial Cam
+ Cape Ooma in the North of Japan
+ Plattling Train Station
+ Guide Dogs of America Puppy Cam
+ Skatelab Indoor Skatepark (reprieve)
+ Panos Restaurant in Buffalo, New York (reprieve)
+ Japanese Barber Shop (reprieve)
+ Towaco Temple (reprieve)
+ Lighthouse (reprieve)

For more information on the first part of the exhibition, please visit the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art's website.